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When you’re self-employed and self-funded, only you can make that happen. I'm Brian Casel. I write and podcast about leveling up a business online.

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When You’re Done With Billable Hours, What’s Next?

Still working project-to-project, only getting paid when you’re at the computer, working? I’ve been there.

But once I learned how to productize my service, my business was transformed. And so many other web workers are finding success with productized services too.

If you’re a freelancer (or nine-to-fiver) like I once was, and you’re after more freedom, and the ability to actually see your business grow year after year, then you’re in the right place.

I created a free, 5-part crash course called Productize Your Service. In 5 days, you’ll learn:

  • How to quit "Freelancing" and promote yourself to "Business Owner"
  • How to remove yourself from your work
  • How to choose the right service to productize
  • How to streamline and systematize so your service runs like a machine
  • How to hire and delegate so your business runs on autopilot.

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