Learn how to level up your business by building a productized service.

Break Free of Billable Hours.

Still freelancing and living project-to-project? Has your earning potential plateaued? Stuck wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself?

If you wish you'd never have to write a lengthy proposal again or take a client who doesn't value your work, then you're not alone.

In fact, every freelancer hits these challenges at some point in their career. Even raising your rates and chasing after bigger fish won't get you where you need to go.

Maybe it’s time for a promotion.

But self-employed web workers like us don't have a boss we can butter up to give us that corner office with the higher salary. We're on our own.

So in order to truly level up in your career, and gain that freedom you've been chasing all these years, then you'll need to promote yourself.

That starts with making your transition from Freelancer to Business Owner.

Business Owner

Frank the Freelancer

  • Frank makes money by the hour, or sometimes by the project.
  • Frank owns nothing more than his time.
  • Frank is stuck answering to "clients from hell"
  • Frank is spread too thin, wearing too many hats.
Business Owner

Beth the Business Owner

  • Beth’s business pays her, even on her days off.
  • Beth owns an asset that grows in value.
  • Beth’s focused on building a business, not chasing unpaid invoices.
  • Beth’s business runs itself, so she can focus on the big picture.

OK... That all sounds great.

But right now, you’re paying the bills with client work. The time you spend with your family occupies whatever free time you have left. How will you ever make it happen when the cards are stacked against you?

Take The Path of Least Resistance

You can gamble your late-night weekend hours on an unproven idea for an app. Or you can take the pragmatic approach to building a scalable business:

A productized service.

It’s your best opportunity to level up. A productized service involves little risk, low barrier to entry, and a proven path to scalability. You’re simply converting something you already do into a value-added service that can scale.

What is a Productized Service?


From your customer’s perspective, a productized service offers a specialized "done for you" solution with a compelling value proposition, packaged at a set price and scope.


From the founder’s perspective (that’s you), a productized service is one that runs systematically, and continues to produce and grow with or without your direct involvement.

A productized service is your alternative to billing by the hour, and taking any and every project just to keep the lights on. It can be designed to let you focus solely on your craft (while cutting out the boring stuff). Or it can be streamlined, systemized, and automated to run itself, while you focus on the bigger picture.

But no matter where you take your productized service, you will finally earn your promotion from Freelancer to Business Owner. And with that promotion come these perks:


Create a service model designed for growth. Earn more as your business grows.

Remove Yourself

Design systems and automation so your business can run without you.

Get Paid, Even on Days Off

Detach your work from your time. Create a business that produces on its own.

Build an Asset

Own a business that not only pays the bills, but grows in value.

Focus on the Big Picture

Work "on" your business, not "in" your business.

Steady, reliable income

End the feast and famine cycle for good. Grow your baseline income month after month.

Brian Casel

Brian Casel

Seen in

How I Productized My Business... Twice

I’m Brian Casel. Here’s the story of how I transitioned out of freelancing.

A few years back, I made my living as a freelance web designer, selling my time for money and living project-to-project. Although I was comfortable, I knew I needed to transition to a product business if I was ever going to build a real business that can scale.

My first productized service actually started as a SaaS. It was a web design product for restaurants. Like most freelancers building software “on the side”, I struggled to gain traction.

Eventually, through many trials and errors, I figured out that what customers really value is the done-for-you service aspect. So I transformed my SaaS into a productized service, built systems and delegated all of the delivery to my team. This allowed me to sell the business for a 6-figure exit.

Then I went back to my playbook and launched my 2nd productized service business, a marketing company called Audience Ops. In less than it's first year, this business went from 0 to $25K in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

The Productize course not only draws on lessons from my own work building two successful productized service businesses, but also the lessons from others who I continuously research and interview. There's nothing I enjoy doing more than talking shop with fellow freelancers who are turning the page and becoming business owners.

A comprehensive course to guide your way

Productize is your roadmap and skills training designed to guide your way to building a productized service and help you level up as a business owner.

Through a combination of HD video lessons, step-by-step workflows, processes that you can plug right into your business, and a supportive learning environment with business owners just like you, you’ll have everything you need to successfully level up and build a thriving productized service business.

What Could Productizing Mean For Your Business?

Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

Product People

"If you’re looking to transition into building products, I always recommend starting with a Productized Service. It’s the best way to learn what customers will pay for."

Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner


"I used to feel that I had to do everything myself or it wouldn’t be done right. Because I finally learned how to document what I do, my business is run better than I could have ever done on my own. Systematizing is a core skill that every founder needs to learn."

Dan Norris

Dan Norris


"Processes have been a key part of our consistent 15% month on month growth at WP Curve. We have systems for everything. They’ve enabled us to keep our service consistent while growing from 0 to 21 people in 14 months."

Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews


"Productized services are the fastest way to cashflow your education as a business owner. It’s a great model for anyone looking to get into the entrepreneurial game."

Course Lessons


  • Working "on" your business
  • Find Your Why
  • Eliminate Discovery Meetings
  • Anatomy of a Productized Service
  • Craft Your One Solution
  • Find Your People
  • Craft a Compelling Value Proposition
  • Pricing


  • The Path to Autopilot
  • Standardizing
  • Streamlining
  • Documenting Workflows
  • Structuring a Procedure
  • Multi-Person Procedures
  • Delegating
  • Systematizing Creativity
  • The Hiring Process


  • Marketing a Product
  • Know Your Customer
  • The 3-Step Sales Funnel
  • Warm Email Outreach
  • Cold Email Outreach
  • Building Traffic
  • Education-Based Marketing
  • Your Sales Page
  • Systematized Marketing

Case Studies

Nick Disabato
Nick Disabato
Draft Revise

How Nick productized his A/B testing service with predictable monthly revenue.

Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan
My Content Sherpa

How Philip Morgan productized content marketing by focusing on a niche.

Jane Portman
Jane Portman

How Jane broke free of design scope creep by productizing creative direction for startups.

Dan Norris
Dan Norris

How Dan & co built systems to scale their customer support business to 20+ employees and 400+ customers.

Mike Taber
Mike Taber

How Mike sold to enterprise using the productized service model and cut the down sales cycle with easy-to-buy packages.

Justin McGill
Justin McGill

How Justin launched LeadFuze, a cold email outreach service, in 24 hours, then grew it to over $20k MRR in under a year.

Greg Hickman
Greg Hickman

How Greg iterated on his productized service to find the winning formula for his audience and unique expertise.

Dan Schwartz
Dan Schwartz

How Dan had an explosive $50k launch of his done-for-you Podio sales system for the real estate niche, and how he grew it further.

Joanna Wiebe
Joanna Wiebe

How Joanna productized website copy reviews, and used that as a bridge to a bigger products business.

Jarrod Drysdale
Jarrod Drysdale
Landing Page in a Day

How Jarrod streamlines his landing page design service by leveraging a framework.

Adam Clark
Adam Clark

How Adam productized WordPress web development by building one site a day.

Kurt Elster
Kurt Elster
Website Rescues

How Kurt productized web design by standardizing the scope of work while focusing on value.

Kai Davis
Kai Davis
Look Shiny

How Kai's productized consulting packages have transformed his SEO marketing practice.

Travis Northcutt
Travis Northcutt
Black Light

How Travis & co introduced a productized offering in their web marketing consultancy.

Brian Casel
Brian Casel
Restaurant Engine

How I productized web design by focusing on a niche and building systems, which led me to remove myself and sell the business.

Brian Casel
Brian Casel
Audience Ops

How I launched my 2nd productized service business and went from 0 to $25K in monthly recurring revenue in less than 8 months.


Productize + Coaching

Lifetime access to the course, plus a personalized 1-on-1 coaching & roadmap session.

1-on-1 Coaching Session

A 60-minute coaching session with Brian with personalized strategy, feedback, and planning. Keep the recording.

21 Course Lessons

Delivered in HD video, MP3 audio, and the 100+ page course book.

Tools & Templates

Worksheets, Procedures and spreadsheets you can plug right into your operation.

11 Case Study Interviews

Learn from the experience of other productized service founders.

Private Community

Lifetime access to the community of fellow Productize students.


Lifetime access to the course, case studies, templates & community.

21 Course Lessons

Delivered in HD video, MP3 audio, and the 100+ page course book.

Tools & Templates

Worksheets, Procedures and spreadsheets you can plug right into your operation.

11 Case Study Interviews

Learn from the experience of other productized service founders.

Private Community

Lifetime access to the community of fellow Productize students.

Have a coupon?


Can I try a free sample?

Absolutely. You can get free access to lesson 4 (of 21), Anatomy of a Productized Service.

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Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If you’re not happy with the course, send me an email within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund. In order to improve the course, I will ask what you didn’t like. However, you’re not obligated to answer in order to receive a refund.

Can I download the lessons to my computer or mobile device?

Yep! You can download all of the lesson videos (mp4), audio (mp3) and the text course book (PDF). Load them onto your mobile device and listen on the go!

What if I already launched my product? Can Productize help me?

Yes, this course is intended to help you well beyond your launch. That’s why two thirds of the lessons cover systematizing, scaling up, and marketing your productized service.

Will my access to the course or community expire?

No. Everyone who purchases today gets lifetime access to all of the course materials. That includes any updated lessons and case studies that come out when it re-launches next year!

I’ve got other questions...

Send Brian an email

Is Productize just for web designers / developers?

No! Professionals from a wide variety of fields have joined the course and community. Accountants, architects (of homes and buildings), coaches, fitness professionals, and more...

The concepts in Productize can be applied in any setting, in a variety of ways. You'll find plenty of inspiration in our case studies and community.

What’s the added benefit of the coaching package?

In our 1-on-1 coaching session, together, we'll work through your current business and figure out a roadmap for the coming months. You'll have the opportunity to ask me anything and get personalized feedback.

You'll get a recording of our conversation that you can keep. Plus, you'll have access to email me followup questions anytime.

When can I schedule my coaching session? What happens there?

You can schedule your coaching session anytime. Brian will be in contact with you shortly after purchase to set the day on the calendar.

Are you available for ongoing or period coaching?

I offer a 6-month small group coaching program called Productize Mastermind. Seats are limited and this program is offered once, sometimes twice per year. Students who’ve purchased Productize always receive the first invites when a new session is opening up.

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