What I’m up to Right Now

This is where I’m spending my time this year:

Full-Time Focus

My full-time focus is on my business, Audience Ops.

Our productized content marketing service continues to grow.  My role there mainly consists of some sales, and coaching the team as we grow.

Now we’re expanding the product line.  We’ve started building a new software product called Audience Ops Calendar.  We’re aiming for private beta release before end of 2016 and a public launch in early 2017.  Most of my time is spent designing and managing the build-out along with our developers, while doing continuous customer development with our small group of beta customers.



I still spend a chunks of my time on these ongoing side projects, some for profit, some for fun (mostly both):

  • The Productize course & community — my flagship training product, which I launched in late 2014 and released a 2nd edition in early 2016.
  • The Bootstrapped Web Podcast — The weekly ongoing show that I co-host with Jordan Gal.  We’re over 100 episodes in and still at it.  Publishes (most) Thursdays.
  • The Productize Podcast — A season-based show that I launched in March, 2016.  New episodes scheduled twice monthly throughout 2016.
  • Big Snow Tiny Conf — An annual ski/snowboard & business conference in Vermont that I co-organize with Brad Tousnard.

All The Time

  • In April 2016 we moved to our new home in Orange, Connecticut.
  • Our first daughter, Emma, turned 2 this year and our second daughter is arrived in April of this  year.  So I do my best to stop working by early afternoon and hang with them as much as I can.
  • We’re always planning our next trip, whether it’s a roadtrip somewhere around the east coast or somewhere across the world.  I can’t go more than a couple months without a trip on the books…


This “Now” page was last updated in September, 2016.  If you want the backstory, check out my About page.  The idea for this “Now” was inspired by Derek Sivers.