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A weekly podcast for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who believe that to get to where we’re going, we must learn by doing.

Mastermind Groups. What, Who, How, and Why?

Jordan Gal

I’m in two mastermind groups. This is what I (and my fellow masterminder, Jordan Gal) get out of it, how it works, and how (and why) you should form one of your own.


Learn How to Systematize Like The Big Boys


When I discovered systematization, a lightbulb went off in my head. It was the turning point in my business and allowed me to learn how to grow beyond just. This show is dedicated to working the system.


Learning How To Create Awesome Videos With Caleb Wojcik (Fizzle / DIY Video Guy)

Caleb Wojcik

Video is hard. Especially if you’re producing it yourself, and you want it to look professional. So invited the expert on to tell us how it’s done. Caleb Wojcik, the DIY Video Guy.


Quality Matters. It Helped Shawn Hesketh Grow WP101 to 20,000 Members.

Shawn Hesketh

Some say quality in design, look, and feel doesn’t matter. Not Shawn Hesketh (and not me either). He goes above and beyond to set his product apart, and I think it worked out quite nicely.


Let’s Dissect This Email Marketing Automation Sequence with Daniel Faggella (Science of Skill)

dan faggella

I’m starting to realize how email plays a central role in marketing, more-so than ever before. Why? Automation. Today Dan Faggella, an email automation expert, shows me his automation sequence.


Everything You Didn’t Know About Customer Support With Ian Landsman (Userscape)

Ian Landsman

Customer support is one of those things that can either be a driving positive force for your business, or something can go horribly wrong. Ian Landsman, a 10-year veteran bootstrapper in the customer support space tells us how to get it right.


The Business of Blogging with Dayne Shuda (Ghost Blog Writers)


When I first met him, he was working as a solo freelance writer. Today he’s managing a team of 20 writers and counting. Let’s hear how Dayne is managing the steady growth of his blogging business, Ghost Blog Writers.


How to Grow Your Blog’s Audience Using Email

For the first 4 years of blogging, I could count the avg number of daily visitors with 2 hands. But in 2013, that needle trended upwards and today it’s my blog sees thousands of visitors per month… All thanks to starting my email list.