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A weekly podcast for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who believe that to get to where we’re going, we must learn by doing.

How Focus can Make or Break a Business


My friend and advisor, Clint Warren, turns the tables and interviews me about regaining focus and the story of how (and why) I left the agency we had started together.


Selling a Web Agency to Focus on Products w/ Brent Weaver (UGurus)

brent weaver

He built a successful web agency for 13 years, but decided to sell it. Why? Focus. Brent Weaver joins me to talk about how he and his team made the transition into products.


Why Building Communities Matters – With Matt Medeiros (

Matt Medeiros

Joining and building community isn’t easy, especially for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers. But it’s more important than ever. Matt Medeiros joins me to talk about why building community matters.


Longevity in an Ever-Changing WordPress Market – With Cory Miller (iThemes)


In such a fast-paced industry and ever-evolving market for WordPress products, how can you build and sustain a great company over the longterm? Cory Miller, founder of iThemes, joins me today to tell us how he’s done it.


Building An Online Business… Offline w/ Clint Warren (

Clint Warren

Think working on the web is all about online networking? Think again. I invited my friend, Clint Warren, a.k.a. the local networking “machine” to talk about how he manages to meet every person within a 50 mile radius — and how that’s helped him build his business.


How To Interview Like The Best – With Andrew Warner (Mixergy)

Andrew Warner

Interviews are my favorite form of content, but only when they’re done right. So I invited master interviewer, Andrew Warner of, to share his approach to producing a great interview.


Consulting vs. Products (or both?) with Brad Touesnard


Is working on products really better than working as a consultant? Brad Touesnard and I break down the pros and cons of each, and also cover ways to manage doing both.


Case Study: Sacha Greif on His Redesign of

Sacha Greif

Talented designer and entrepreneur, Sacha Greif, joins me for a video case study interview, where he walks me through his process of designing