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Bootstrapped Web

A weekly podcast for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who believe that to get to where we’re going, we must learn by doing.

Why Do an Info Product?

Info products (or educational products).  Why create them?  Why buy them?  In this episode, we bat around questions like these and much more. In this episode… What is an Info Product,…


Hacking Productivity by Leveraging Pressure

Bootstrapped Web is now a 2-host podcast!  Welcome Jordan Gal, as the new co-host of the show. Jordan joined me on two previous episodes (31 and 21) and we hit off…


Launch Your Product Business… By Getting a Job?


Want to launch a product but need a reliable, yet flexible runway while you make the switch? Most of us resort to freelancing (like I did). But what if you had the perfect job, designed for just that — to prepare you to launch your product? Brad Tousnard and I talk all about making the switch.


From The Verge to Niche Startups: Dann Berg talks Audience Focus


How do you find the right audience for your startup? How about your niche blog? Or for a large news organization? Dann Berg did it in all three and shares his knowledge on the subject.


Mastermind Groups. What, Who, How, and Why?

Jordan Gal

I’m in two mastermind groups. This is what I (and my fellow masterminder, Jordan Gal) get out of it, how it works, and how (and why) you should form one of your own.


Learn How to Systematize Like The Big Boys


When I discovered systematization, a lightbulb went off in my head. It was the turning point in my business and allowed me to learn how to grow beyond just. This show is dedicated to working the system.


Learning How To Create Awesome Videos With Caleb Wojcik (Fizzle / DIY Video Guy)

Caleb Wojcik

Video is hard. Especially if you’re producing it yourself, and you want it to look professional. So invited the expert on to tell us how it’s done. Caleb Wojcik, the DIY Video Guy.


Quality Matters. It Helped Shawn Hesketh Grow WP101 to 20,000 Members.

Shawn Hesketh

Some say quality in design, look, and feel doesn’t matter. Not Shawn Hesketh (and not me either). He goes above and beyond to set his product apart, and I think it worked out quite nicely.