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Turn Readers Into Buyers

Nothing beats word-of-mouth business. Referrals are great because they cost next to nothing to acquire and the sale is practically made even before they come in contact with you since they…


How to Consistently Add Email Subscribers

Email List Growth

It’s about your email list. Once I learned that, I began to see marketing in a completely different way. It made me realize that marketing (anything) online is still about one-to-one relationships….


Productize Put Into Action

Three things I learned while putting the Productize concepts into action for the 2nd time around.


Build an Engine, Not a Job

Most startups fail due to burnout. You lose steam on doing the work before it has a chance to bring results. Here is how you can build engines that out pace the burnout factor in your new business.


The Mindset Shifts That Took Me From Freelancer to Productized Business Owner

In 2011 I made my fulltime living from billing clients for my time. Financially, that was a pretty good year for me. But was I happy? Did I see a…


How to Get More by Doing Less

Doing less is easier said than done. You have clients who are paying you to do X, Y, and Z too. If you cut out Y and Z to focus only on X, how does that not result in a loss?


Productizing by Not Selling Talent

A longtime friend of mine is a diamond salesman, and a very good one. What always struck me about that business is the inherent and unquestioned quality of the product….


Introducing, Audience Ops

Finally. I know what I’ll be working on for the foreseeable future. It’s a new company called, Audience Ops. Here in this post, I’ll share the mission behind Audience Ops and my plan to get…