Brian CaselHi there.

Brian Casel here.  I’m guessing that by now you may have read one of my blog posts or listened to an episode of my podcast.  Or maybe you only know me on Twitter.

Well let me fill in the gaps.

Who is this site for?

I teach lessons in leveling up your business. Freelancers making the transition into products. Consultancy owners ready to scale up and grow.  Bootstrapped founders seeking to gain traction. These are my people.

Over the last decade, I worked through all the same challenges you face, and hit some key milestones, like:

  • Leaving my job to launch a successful career as a freelance web designer.
  • Transitioning out of freelancing and into products businesses.
  • Built and grew a SaaS company, which I sold for a six-figure exit in 2015.
  • Built a Productized Service company with an awesome distributed team and some amazing clients.
  • Launched a new SaaS product built out of our productized service.
  • Launched an educational course and community with hundreds of members.
  • Systematically removed myself from the day-to-day service tasks, so I can focus on the bigger picture.

Most of the things I publish here dive deep into the lessons I learn along the way, and key concepts that helped me overcome common challenges. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or you’re just getting started working for yourself, I hope the things I share here can help you plot your next move.

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My business


Audience Ops

My company, Audience Ops, helps companies start and scale their content marketing, easily and effectively. We do that through a mix of different products:  Service, Software, and Training.

Our Done-For-You Content Service is a productized service that handles content strategy from end-to-end for our clients.

Our software tools include Audience Ops Calendar, a smart content calendar that streamlines your content production and measures results, and our suite of WordPress tools to power up your site’s content.

Finally, we teach our system, process, and strategy through our training program, Content Marketing Game Plan.


My Podcasts


I co-host the Bootstrapped Web podcast with Jordan Gal, where we share weekly updates, lessons, and interviews about bootstrapping online businesses.



I host a season-based show called The Productize Podcast, featuring conversations with founders who are building businesses using the productized service model.

Training Products

Since day one, I’ve been committed to teaching the things I learn during the course of my work. In addition to the free stuff I share on the blog and podcast, these are my premium training products, which hundreds of consultants and entrepreneurs have joined:



A course for freelancers looking to transition out of client work (or a 9-5) into building a more scalable Productized Service business. Initially launched in Fall 2014, updated throughout 2015 and beyond.



Design For Conversions
My book, released in 2013.  I created it to help founders design a better marketing website.

What else…

You’re still reading? OK what else can I tell you…

Let’s see…

  • I live in Orange, Connecticut.
  • I live with my wife, our 2 daughters, and our big black lab named Trey (named after one of my favorite musicians).
  • Before I got into the web industry, I thought I would pursue a career producing and writing music. Maybe someday.
  • “casjam” was my original screen name I created on AOL back in 1995.  Old handles die hard, I guess.

What else do you wanna know?